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Phillip Tibballs is a freelance animator, designer and sometimes illustrator currently scrubbing along timelines around Sydney, Australia. 

If we go way back to 2008, Phillip mistakenly landed himself a job at a small production company as a Motion Designer. He taught himself Macromedia Flash,  Adobe After Effects 7 and DVD Studio Pro and ended up sticking around for 4 years working on everything from television commercials, live broadcast and interactive exhibitions. 

At some point Phillip decided he wanted to know the fundamentals of what he was practicing and went to study at the once illustrious Billy Blue School of Design. Here he gathered immense amounts of knowledge about the dying field of print and fickle world of branding. His education helped him understand the principles of design, design thinking and that basically people are just making all this shit up as they go along.

For a long year after graduating, Phillip worked in the wonderfully generic world of graphic design, faking his way through banner ads, website designs and social posts he quickly realised he wanted to do something he enjoyed for a living (that would be animation).


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